How much do you love yourself?

Lunedì 13 aprile

Byblos Art Hotel-Villa Amistà ★★★★★L, Yoga Theatre®
Jessica Ugatti & Francesco Zinnamosca 


How much do you love yourself?

The experiential event that involves your senses at 360 °.
An explosion of beauty for the soul!

In the city of love, Verona, the Romeo and Juliet of yoga, artists and producers, Jessica Ugatti and Francesco Zinnamosca give life to Amarti, a format that was created to slow down and find time and love for to dedicate to who loves and people you love, to those who believe in beauty and to those who choose how to spend their time.

"We chose an artistic and avant-garde place such as the Byblos Art Hotel creating an event that make art alive and usable"

Art tour - Live performance - Workshop - Spa - Brunch -  Yoga & Meditation – Wellness

The setting is Villa Amistà, a 16th-century Venetian villa revisited and interpreted to host an elegant luxury hotel and a suggestive permanent exhibition of contemporary art.
An experience to be lived in first person surrounded by an atmosphere of excellence, between splendid works of contemporary art and nature.



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