Yoga Theatre® Academy

This course is dedicated to the development of human skills in cognitive, expressive and creative areas of life, provides tools for the complete development of the individual's potential and promotes the rebalancing of the body and mind system. The program is developed in seven thematic modules: origin, transitions, character, empathy, voice, creation, dreamland.

The training course allows to gradually expand the skills of the participants through the Yoga Theatre® practice. Each module has a specific theme.
In a first phase will be explored the foundations and the heart of the training through the “Origin” module. Attendance to this module is important to create strong and shared roots to advance in the process, one’s path to enlightment.
Once the basic language has been consolidated, every participant will refine sensitivity, physical and mental flexibility, empathy and creativity to access deeper levels of understanding and evolution.

  • The study formulas are intensive retreats or full weekends
  • A 200+ hours course that can be completed in two/three years
  • Participation in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th modules can be non-consequential
  • The participation to the previous 5 modules is necessary to access the 6th and 7th modules
  • Certificate of completion will be issued for each module and for the end of studies
  • Teaching material included are: video, handouts and manuals


The modules

1st   ORIGIN - At the roots of life
2nd TRANSITIONS - A new level of fluidity
3rd  CHARACTER - Know thyself and you will know the universe!
4th  EMPATHY - The sixth sense
5th  VOICE - Free your expression
6th  CREATION - The quantum director
7th  DREAMLAND - The last frontier



Yoga Theatre® accompanies you to observe the show of life with new eyes.


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