Teacher training

Teacher training

The study program is aimed at those who wish to teach and spread the Yoga Theater® Training system. The course is based on the transmission of knowledge and research, an initiation to the way intended as a path of human and spiritual evolution according to universal laws.

Once the training is completed, the teacher will be enabled to teach Yoga Theater® Training and will be able to participate in the updating programs.

  • teaching methodology and ethics
  • transmission of didactic progressions
  • development of the teacher's creative autonomy in developing systemic procedures
  • state of performance, intention and expressive truths
  • study of group dynamics for the relationship with the student and with the class
  • biomechanical of emotions
  • physical contact techniques and manipulation for teaching purpose
  • creation of a class and teaching rehearsals 
  • vocal training for the use of public voice
  • teacher will be included in Yoga Theatre® research and advancement
  • ritual ceremony
  • inclusion in the register of certified teachers

★ Yoga Theatre® teacher training is a free system unencumbered from royalties or special obligations

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