Professional completion programs

These course of study offers a complement to high artistic education and the teaching of yoga and holistic subjects. They integrate useful tools for personal evolution and for the enrichment of one's professional and expressive skills.

Professional completion programs


Two specific training dedicated to


They will be released

  • Certificate of completion of studies
  • Teaching material: video, handouts and manual


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Artistic completion master

The training allows you to go deeply into the understanding of mental, physical, emotional and creative processes; allows you to open your artistic expression to communicative truth; acquire tools for the control and release of adrenaline, channelling energy and emotional stability in the different phases of study, composition and staging.
The participant's previous preparation is fundamental to guarantee an advanced and homogeneous training.

The course is structured in 50+ hours with an intensive continuous formula.
Admission to the course is made after selection on a curriculum vitae.


Objectives of the master

  • acquire an integrated movement system that brings perceptual exploration to the cellular level
  • principles of anatomy and biomechanics applied to different structures of natural and scenic movement
  • restore the organic expressive function of the actor in accordance with individual physiology
  • incarnate the concept of "actor-vehicle" as a tool for transmitting the truth in order to master the stage performance and contribute to personal and collective evolution through the conscious use of the means of expression
  • integrate the spiritual path as a source of inspiration enhancing the practice of training and discipline
  • study upon how yoga philosophy and movement intervene in interpretative and relational dynamics in order to expand the communicative power beyond what is known.

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Completion program for yoga teacher

The program offers the opportunity to train alongside teachers and share a unique life experience with other yogis. The integration of specific study progressions on the use of voice, movement, presence and group actor training allows you to observe yourself from a new point of view, to deepen your self-discovery and to expand your knowledge of the dynamics that occur in the class-teacher relationship. 

Expand your awareness of your communicative and expressive skills, increase your teaching abilities and continue your spiritual research through the use of the Yoga Theatre® system that integrates theatre as a spiritual path.


  • actor training to be able to experience multiple teachings of yoga philosophy that are outside the study of asanas
  • training for vocal emission and use of resonators
  • quantum physics, vibration and frequency
  • biomechanics of emotions
  • study of dialogue to develop empathy and clarity of communication beyond words
  • empathy training in relationships with the student or a class
  • state of performance, intention and expressive truth
  • comparison between ego and character
  • fantasy training and responsiveness for the creation of new teaching solutions
  • physical contact and manipulation techniques
  • study of group dynamics for overcoming conflict

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