Reconnect with your soul!


We are at the dawn of a big process started many decades ago. A period of great transformation of society and an awakening of personal and ecological consciousness.
This process sees us confronting with more complexchallenges, fisically and emotionally.
Known deeply the nature of the human experience we are living on this planet and expand our consciousness means to know ourselves to understand the world around us. 
This process meka us better human being, give us peace and safety in a complex world not so easy to live in.

Through the experiences of yoga and theatre I've found my way to procede on the path of personal evolution and rediscover the true essence of human being potentialities.
I've discovered that my mission is to share these knowledge to support evolution and personal grouth.
With Jessica Ugatti, my life partner for 15 years, I wrote Yoga Theatre®B, a method which help to acquire in a simple and modern way, practical and concrete instruments to go on with our spiritual reconnection. 

Simple tools to make us lucid and centered even in difficult times, flow with life in armony and without fear, to better know our role in life and express our full potential.


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 Yoga Theatre®
Odaka Yoga®
Pranayama breathing

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You are a function of the whole universe, as a wave is a function of the entire ocean.

[ Alan Wilson Watts ]