The World, as a huge stage,
sees us as actors of the greatest play:


Yoga Theatre® originates from the intuition and several years of research of Francesco Zinnamosca and Jessica Ugatti. It’s the first method that merges the philosophy and practice of Odaka yoga® with acting techniques and actor training giving useful tools to support, deepen or complete artistic, personal or spiritual studies.
A revolutionary approach that allows to activate personal abilities and to awaken the infinite potential of human being finding your free expression through practical and concrete experience of those mechanisms that occur during the process of knowledge of oneself.
Ancient mystics’ journey is for everyone and Yoga Theatre® translates it for the modern times creating a bridge between two complementary arts that have always been devoted to ennoble the human spirit.

Yoga Theatre® Academy offers one modular/progressive training for the deepening and exploration of the mental, emotional and creative process and for the development of sensitivity and centering; Yoga Theatre® teacher training program and two master courses for professional actors and yoga teachers.

We create events and live performances to share with you emotions and unforgettable memories. 

A unique and innovative offer
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Yoga Theatre® Academy

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