Odaka Yoga®


We are Odaka Yoga RYT500+ Yoga Alliance International certified teachers, members of the Italian Odaka Yoga teacher training education team and awarded by Yoga Alliance Wall of Fame

We enjoy this style of yoga, love at first sight. It’s our daily practice and we love to share it with everyone to enhance well-being and mental clarity.  

Odaka Yoga® is a unique style of yoga inspired by the waves of the ocean, born in Italy and practised all around the world. Francesca Cassia and Roberto Milletti founders motto is “Live centered, liquify your limits, embrace the power”.
Through biomechanics and fluid movement, it acts on postural alignment, activates the muscles with balanced and functional movements, strengthening and stretching at the same time.
In merging Bushido (the way of the warrior), Zen and yoga, the principles of transformation, adaptability and inner strength are expressed physically and emotionally. The natural rhythms of the wave motion are reproduced by the body during practice, so as to make it acquire the compliance of the water. Re-education of body intelligence as a tool to live centered in modern times.

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