Nowadays a new generation of super-heroes is needed, honest actors of their own life, skilful and conscious of their abilities and potentialities, grown ups that still playing at life game.
Yoga Theatre is our contribute to humanity to support collective growth in the respect of natural laws and universal teachings.

We met in 2004 and since then we started our journey together exploring life. Between joys and difficulties, we have understood how to help each other at every step, studying and experimenting. We have investigated the essence of the human being within us and we have gone beyond judgment and apparent differences by finding that bond which goes beyond words, rediscovering a love for ourselves and the other. Our mission is to share our experiences and help the world's rebirth process.


Jessica Ugatti


Her acting experience started at the age of four and, from then, the theatre has always been her travel mate, making her feel alive, free and fearless.
Graduated at the National Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio d'Amico in Rome, she is Acting Master, actress, performer, pedagogue and Odaka Yoga® teacher.
Right after the academic studies, she has debuted on both small and big screen, working with renowned Italian and international actors and directors. At the same time, she has started teaching acting applied to different disciplines and age ranges.

Live performance and improvisation have always played a central role in her artistic evolution and in the understanding of the use of different expressive languages. After having deepened her studies in several fields such as character development, comedy and clown, she has given birth to her most beloved character, Vibrissa: a multifaceted host, singer and one-woman show artist.
As a funambulist-like dreamer, she bounces from stage to reality devoting her life to the research of the tools we all need to facilitate free expression for a happier life.

Along with Francesco, she’s undertaken a marvelous journey discovering spirituality and yoga. Swinging from the ostensible fiction of theatre to the path of truth and deepening the understanding of her inner abilities, she has committed to the creation of Yoga Theatre.
Thanks to her sri-lankan origin she has grown up surrounded by rituality and sense of community.
She has always loved to valorize the capabilities of every person and believed in teamwork as a means to create a reality based on integration to exploit the human potential and its multiform expression to a fuller extent.
She is co-founder of the “Fools” theatre company, a platform dedicated to the exploration and theatrical innovation and founder and art director of Burlesque & Cabaret Verona and Vibrissa Academy of Performing Arts, projects which promote individual improvement through theatre teaching applied to performance art.

Yoga helps me in the research and discovering of life with endless passion.
Theatre remembers me that even as a "grown up" it is possible to continue playing and living every experience with curiosity and wonder.


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Francesco Zinnamosca


Yogi and Odaka Yoga® teacher, he has always been fascinated by eastern philosophy and the several facets of the human mind.
In the practice of yoga, he’s found a path of personal growth which helps him to comprehend how the abilities acquired during his life could be used to serve others’ evolution and spiritual development.
His family’s research brought him to his first trip to India at the age of fifteen to Swami Sai Baba. From the vision of Integral Yoga of  Sri Swami Satchidananda and from Kadampa Buddhism, he has and still receives excellent teachings on how to accept and overcome daily difficulties through a deeper comprehension of the basic life dynamics.

In 2004 he has met Jessica Ugatti, who is his life partner since, who introduced him to the world of theatre by which he remained truly fascinated.
He has cooperated with the Fools theatre company and various productions as Opera tech director, light designer, stage director, scenographer and actor.
Founder, manager and tech director of Burlesque & Cabaret Verona and Vibrissa Academy of Performing Arts, he has produced and organized shows and big events since 2012.
These experiences allowed him to develop tech and creative resourcefulness and to learn how to use his communication, teaching and acting skills in a more conscious way.

He has worked as head bartender and manager in hospitality for more than fifteen years within Verona, Rome, London and Brisbane (Australia). These experiences have given him the chance to get in contact with different customs and traditions and learn the art of adaptability which has helped him keep a free and open mind.

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Past experiences help me keep an open vision over the World and remain curious about events in life.
Yoga helps me everyday use my abilities in the best way possible for a shared growth.





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