A progressive path that explores the feminine at 360° providing useful tools to face, rediscover, heal and rebalance one's physical, mental and emotional space. The keywords are "pleasure, sexuality, grace and self-esteem". Guide information on the female universe will be shared and movement sequences will be studied that explore sensuality, fluidity and grace.

Dea Flow is open to everyone!

It is not necessary to have experience or special skills or age. The course is designed to be started from any module.


Dea Flow modules

Dea Flow training is structured in a cyclical way. After the first module "Magnificent presence" it is possible to continue to deepen the study with 5 modules dedicated to specific themes, and if you wish, access teacher training by joining us in spreading this practice.

Modulo 1 | Magnificent presence
Modulo 2 | Fantastic objects
Modulo 3 | Archetypes and Powers
Modulo 4 | Dreams, Taboos and Fantasies
Modulo 5 | Creation and wonder
Modulo 6 | Performance and diva
Modulo 7 | Teacher training


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