Yoga Theatre® Academy offers integral, innovative and cutting-edge training for the development and the enhancement of personal abilities and physical, creative and mental skills.

The didactic approach is based on the principle of expansion of awareness as a tool for evolution and self-knowledge.
It integrates modern training of free and proprioceptive movement, voice and emission, communication, development of empathy and imagination to the paths of yoga, meditation and pranayama breathing. It allows the experiential understanding of universal laws and the state of flow by accessing the source of inner wisdom and freeing the personal and artistic expression.


A unique and innovative approach
 [Yoga Alliance International]

Those who approach the Yoga Theatre® Academy studies are united by the interest in:

  • research and self-expression in various areas of life (work, arts, personal and public relations, private and couple life, sports and performance disciplines)
  • the acquisition of self-analysis skills and method for acknowledge inner mechanisms in relation to the external world
  • the healing and regeneration processes of the body-mind system
  • personal growth in order to embrace a new dimension of being.

Schedule 2023/24

Each module develops over a 15-hour weekend:
Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm (with lunch break)
07 - 08 October
04 - 05 November
25 - 26 November
09 - 10 Dicember
13 - 14 Genuary
16 - 17 March
13 - 14 April

Weekly training

Every Thursday h20/22
Verona city center - Italy

International residential retreat
May 24-25-26th 2024



The modules

The training course is made up of eight modules, each dedicated to a specific topic. In a first phase, the foundations and the core of the training will be explored through the module Origin. Attendance at this module is important to create strong and shared roots to advance in the process, the path to enlightenment.
Once the basic language has been consolidated, sensitivity, physical and mental flexibility, empathy and creativity will continue to be refined in order to access deeper levels of understanding and evolution.

1° ORIGIN - At the roots of life

Origin is the beginning of the journey of discovery of your wild nature and begins with the rediscovery of the body through an alchemical connection with mind, breath and perception.

Understanding the tools that nature has given us through the exploration of movement is the fundamental basis from which to start to get to know each other more deeply, acquire presence and security, overcome judgment and modesty and find security as contemporary goddesses and warriors.


2° TRANSITIONS - Follow the white rabbit

Is it possible to wake up without ever going to sleep? Every day we open our eyes and the world around us appears bright, full of colorful shapes and objects. Living the transition means letting yourself flow between the different scenarios, encounters, challenges and adventures that the day offers us with a free, reactive and curious mind in a world that now appears but if you close your eyes... it's gone!

3° CHARACTER - The character we play

Know thyself and you will know the universe! [Socrate] 
The question “who are you?” it is a great classic and like a self-respecting classic it is immortal, as current today as it was millennia ago. Through the study of the theatrical character and the understanding of the nature of the mind we observe roles and limits that prevent us from freeing our bright and authentic part.

4° EMPATHY - The sixth sense

Have you ever thought that you have a superpower? Maybe it doesn't manifest as you see it in the movies.
Staying centered, present, and calm in the midst of the storm is what makes a hero a hero. Quantum physics tells us that everything is connected, energy flowing, communicating and interacting. Learn to observe the world with the eyes of the heart and connect to others on a deeper level by releasing the forgotten power of being human.

5° VOICE - Speak up

They say that the voice is the mirror of the soul and that in the beginning the sound gave birth to shapes, colors, emotions and entire universes. Mastering our vocal instrument allows us to tap into the deepest source of our perception through the vibrations of the body, it gives us confidence and charm by opening the door to emotional wisdom. Free your expression and communicate beyond words.

6° CREATION - Between fantasy and reality

We live in a constant flow of events, unaware of what might happen in seconds, in a constant state of suspension. The art of improvisation reveals the secrets of the present moment where everything exists and nothing is manifest.
Through fantasy and imagination we awaken the magic, we draw from the fountain of eternal youth to become aware creators of our lives.

7° DREAMLAND - The final frontier

Let go of purpose and will and watch the truth unfold before you. Let life lead you where you are already going and let direction appear without seeking it. You become one with the whole universe, where "everywhere" and "nowhere" coincide and you always feel you are in the right place at the right time.

8° TEACHER TRAINIG - Share the knowledge

Becoming a Yoga Theatre teacher means mastering the exercise series and progressions, developing sensitivity and competence as a pedagogue. It allows you to experience Yoga Theatre from a new point of view and level of understanding.
Join our network and be part of the change!


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